Body Moisturizing Lotion (Essential Oil and herbs)

Extra dry skin moisturizer with Essential Oils & Herbs; Provides deep moisture & long lasting feel

Jain moisturizers are uniquely created to make a beautiful difference for your skin, a difference you can actually see, feel and experience thats because we believe its not enough for your skin to feel its best, it should look its best too.

Our specially blended formula, containing an enriching blend of herbal extracts and essential oils, heals dryness at the source and locks in moisture for 24 hours for healthy-looking, nourished skin, helping you look and feel more beautiful.

Key Ingredients:

  • Cucumber
  • Bitter Orange
  • Neem
  • Vacha
  • Turmeric
  • Tulasi
  • Backuci
  • Almond oil
  • Wheat germ oil

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